Edwin J. Hill

I believe seniors have earned the right to enjoy a happy, positive retirement.

Encouraging seniors to live positive, fulfilled lives is what I do;

A positive, encouraging senior is who I am.

About Me.

I have been positive and encouraging throughout my adult years.

Hi! I’m Edwin J. Hill. In short, I’m a Christian, an American, a proud father, grandfather and great grandfather, an Army combat veteran and much more. I am passionate about my family, Bible teaching, camping, learning new things and being a ray of sunshine in the lives of people around me.

In my life, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to learn and do several unrelated kinds of work and to travel to a lot of places on this beautiful planet. My 20-year Army career played a big role in that.

One thing I’ve noticed throughout my life is that some people are just positive people, while others are obsessed with all the negative things that happen to them. No matter what happens, they see it through the “woe is me” lens.

Let’s face it, we all have things happen in our lives that aren’t very pleasant. How we face them and handle them makes all the difference.

Over the years, I have had many opportunities to advise people on ways to work through problems and encourage them along the way. It has been a huge blessing to see those people later and find them stronger and happier than ever. It makes me want to keep on spreading my positive way of looking at life!

I plan to keep on encouraging people for as long as I draw breath in this world!

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